Edmore High School Panthers
old high school building, Edmore, Michigan

Photographs of the old high school building located on the north side of M-46, just west of Wyman Road.

As the structure was scheduled for demolition in the fall of 2001, Sheila Ashbaugh Camp, '66, arranged for a last tour of the building as part of the Classes of 1965 and 1966 Reunion (the last two EHS graduating classes before consoliation with Blanchard to form Montabella).

The "new" gym entrance is on the left, the low building on the far right was the ag, band and shop classrooms.

How many of us were trusted by Mrs. Schiably to cross the highway to draw the building, sans fence?

interior Edmore High School This is the "track" above the old gym that was used as a large classroom for lessons by TV, a cafeteria and for school events. I only recall anyone running on the track once, it was mostly used for storage and it was excellent for suspending crepe paper ceilings over the dance floor.

The metal thingy hanging in the center of the room had something to do with how the room had been used during the time it served as the Montabella Middle School.

Donna Hansen, '66, took these pictures; I thought they had been lost, but they showed up when I looking for something else - I mean, who would name a folder 'ehs' and then not remember? Now I can't remember what I was looking for....

interior old study hall, Edmore High School This is third floor room was directly above the track area and used as the study hall, it is minus the 'screwed to the floor' desks. The old stage seemed to be mostly used for Mrs. Hatinger's seating chart on a clipboard and painting banners for pep rallies and games; the library area was behind and to the left of the camera position.

I know only one person in the photo, other people will have to ID themselves.

The demoliton of the building had already begun by the time we toured. My sister and I asked about how architectural salvage was being handled but those details were buried in contracts and not available. I wonder what an old desk went for at an auction? Maybe one will appear on Antiques Roadshow ;-)!

digitalized photos you want to share about the history of EHS, if there is interest we can discuss making a list for alumni.

Rae Petersen, '66